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The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, a Catholic lay organization of Santa Clara County, leads, supports and guides people to join together to serve persons in need and to grow spiritually, in the tradition of its founder, Blessed Frederic Ozanam, and its patron, St. Vincent de Paul. The goal is to provide better services to those in need by supporting the development and growth of St. Vincent de Paul conferences in Santa Clara County. Each year the Society through all operations assists more than 50,000 residents of Santa Clara County.

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All requests for emergency services are referred to our local parish based conferences.  These conferences, depending on the service requested, will ask for documentation, e.g. income verification, rental agreements, identification, utility bills. The Council Office staff will also refer you to other non-profit organizations and county and state agencies depending on your situation.  You will be asked to provide your name and phone number before referrals are made.

Santa Clara County Council has 24 Conferences. The Conferences operate in the Diocese's 52 parishes and provide services such as food pantries, rental and utility assistance, clothing distribution, employment assistance, mentoring, and the traditional "home visit". A client's situation often requires greater financial resources than an individual Conference can provide. In such case, Conferences often turn to each other to gather the necessary funds from neighboring Conferences to provide the assistance required. Please visit our Parish Conferences page for local conference information.

The San Jose Day Worker Center operated by the Center for Traning & Careers (CTC) helps men and women locate employment and enhance quality of life for themselves and their families. At the center, clients learn English and other useful business, personal, and cultural skills and obtain access or referrals to health screening, legal assistance and other important services. Please visit their website at http://www.ctcsj.org for more information

The following are stories of successful clients, once assisted by SVDP, which have changed their living situation.

  • Ralph is a client that had been homeless for many years. Working side jobs barely making it. He came to our office wondering if there was a way that we could assist with some clothing. We referred him to the San Jose First United church located at Fifth street in San Jose to ask for a voucher for clothing. He came back to our office and told us what was happening with his work situation. He was working for a lady who owned her house. He should have been paid $1700 for a job he completed, although she only paid him $200. He therefore quit his job. We referred him to Ascent Employment at Queen of Apostles and Sacred Heart Job Link. Now, he has a permanent job and home because we assisted him with rental and clothing. He no longer is worried about his living status.
  • Geno is a client who came into SVDP office without a job. He was served with a 3 day eviction notice. He didn't know where he could go to receive assistance. We talked about his skills, and gave him career counseling. We also assisted him with his deposit to move into an apartment. He came up with his rental $1500. He now has his home. His skills are in house painting and landscaping. He received a job offer through a construction company and had been working odd jobs. He now has permanent employment as a painter.