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St. Vincent de Paul: Santa Clara County

St. Vincent de Paul Santa Clara County

2020 Circular Letter of the President General of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul

For the consecutive fourth year, Renato Lima de Oliveira, 16th President General of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, has published the Circular Letter, which is addressed to all the members of Society throughout the world. 

Since 1841, the Circular Letter has become a tradition for the President General. The present document is divided into five sections: 1) Introduction; 2) Council General News; 3) Recommendations for Vincentians; 4) International theme for 2020: our founder Félix Clavé; and 5) conclusions. In the 2020 letter, our President emphasizes activities related to youth, the United Nations, communication, the expansion of the Society into new territories, the red-tape issue, decisions made in the Councils, the value of systemic change, the importance of social media, prayer and fraternal correction.

Marisa Téllez, International Vice-President for Formation and Training, stated: The Circular Letter is a great tool for Vincentian formation and training within the Society of Saint Vincent the Paul. The Circular Letter written by the President General convey his thoughts on current issues and challenges that must be confronted by the Conferences, Special Works and Councils. In other words, the Circular Letter should read and reflected upon, since it will enable the members to achieve greater standards of efficiency and quality in the projects they undertake.

Given that the Circular Letter is rather lengthy (15 pages), our recommendation is to read it in parts during Conference meetings. We would like to thank the Superior Councils for collaborating with the Council General in the dissemination of the Circular Letter in their respective countries, publishing it on the Internet and discussing it in formation/training courses and meetings. Any comments or suggestions: cgi.circularletter@gmail.com.

Source: https://www.ssvpglobal.org/

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