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St. Vincent de Paul: Santa Clara County

St. Vincent de Paul Santa Clara County

Publications and Resources

Veterans and Homelessness

Every year, the US promises young men and women that the country will take care of them if they join our all-volunteer military. That promise extends past their service in uniform and includes educational benefits, quality healthcare, and resources to help build a successful life. But unfortunately, it’s an empty promise to the more than […]

Mental Health and Homelessness

There are many rumors surrounding people who are homeless in the US. It’s not unusual to hear someone say that it’s a life they’ve chosen or that all homeless people are mentally ill. Like the general population, a certain percentage of homeless people in the US struggle with mental health issues. Just as it’s nearly […]

Seniors and Homelessness: A Looming Crisis

An alarming number of seniors (people 50 and older) in the US are homeless. Although delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic have put off recent counts, senior homelessness rates are rising. Between 2007 and 2017, homeless rates increased from 22.9 percent in 2007 to 33.8 percent in 2017 for people 50 and older. Unfortunately, the […]

Child Homelessness: A Growing Crisis

Child Homelessness: A Growing Crisis Homelessness is devastating. The number of people dealing with homelessness in the US is staggering, making the subject difficult to comprehend and one that overwhelms us. While it’s challenging to think of anyone without shelter, the thought of homeless children is especially alarming; however, it is a reality that requires […]

Housing and Feeding Families in Need

Homelessness is increasing at an alarming rate across California, but particularly so in Santa Clara County. The 2019 bi-annual Homeless Census estimated that for every person who exits homelessness, another three people seek assistance. Even though the 2021 Census was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic due to the ongoing consequences of the crisis, it’s […]

Ways You Can Help Homeless People Now

If you’ve spent time walking around in any major city, you’ve probably noticed encampments beneath overpasses or clusters of makeshift cardboard shelters in city parks—and of course, the people in them. And if you thought to yourself, with sadness or concern, that their numbers seemed to be rising, you’d be correct. According to a US […]

As California’s eviction deadline nears, Bay Area housing officials turn to volunteers, nonprofits

Carol Lillig and the church ladies at St. Vincent de Paul in Morgan Hill have been helping struggling renters for a couple of decades — long before the pandemic throttled the work lives of landscapers, school bus drivers and child care workers. On a recent weekday,  Lillig sat outside the church on a folding chair […]

Rental Assistance for extremely low income Santa Clara County residents

The Santa Clara County Homelessness Prevention System has rental assistance available for extremely low income residents who need help paying rent. To learn more and start an application [click here]. You can also view the flyers and get additional information at the links below. Need Help? Call: 408-926-8885 Email info@PreventHomelessness.org or Contact one of the many community partners. […]

SVDP Launches Covid-19 Crisis Appeal

Designed by jcomp / Freepik   The COVID crisis in Santa Clara County has had an impact on us all; social distancing, school shut-downs, working from home, small business closures, mandatory mask wearing, and missed medical appointments. While to some families, this is an inconvenience, to many it is a tragic turn of events. For […]

BOMBAS Sock Donation distributed throughout SCC

SVdP of Santa Clara County provides assistance to those in need. We provide rental assistance, utility assistance, food, assistance with healthcare expenses, transportation costs, clothing, and now… SOCKS! With a generous donation from Bombas Socks we were able to provide the needy with new socks! It’s amazing how much pleasure can be gained by a […]