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St. Vincent de Paul: Santa Clara County

St. Vincent de Paul Santa Clara County

On 9/27 we celebrate the feast of St. Vincent de Paul.

On September 27th we celebrate the feast of St. Vincent de Paul, which also marks the day he died in Paris, France in 1660.

In 1617, St. Vincent founded the Confraternities of Charity and in 1625 he founded the Congregation of the Mission, (CM), his community of priests and brothers.

In 1633, St. Vincent de Paul co-founded the Daughters of Charity with St. Louise de Marillac. St. Vincent is the Patron Saint of all works of charity.

“We should spend as much time in thanking God for His benefits as we do in asking for them.”
-St, Vincent de Paul, Patron Saint of Charitable organizations, hospitals, prisoners and spiritual work.